Policy Statement
We all want to have a safe and healthy workplace. To ensure this, we need everybody’s participation.

The management of THE TEBO GROUP is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, and to promoting positive attitudes toward safety and health within the organization.

Management is responsible for providing a safe work site and for establishing and maintaining adequate standards of maintenance of site and equipment to ensure that physical and health hazards are guarded against or eliminated, and for developing work procedures conducive to a safe and healthy workplace.

Superintendents/Foremen are responsible for ensuring that workers are properly instructed to do their work safely; for enforcing safe work procedures and regulations, and or correcting all unsafe activities.

All workers and subcontractors are required to work safely, to know and follow all rules and safe work procedures.

Everyone is expected to correct or report unsafe conditions and activities, and to work cooperatively toward the prevention of accidents.
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